Hans W H van Andel

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Young foster children undergo an early separation from their caregiver(s) and often experience severe stress before placement. However, a considerable part of the children do not show apparent signs of distress, making it difficult for the foster carer to be aware of the amount of stress in their foster child. Potential evidence for using salivary cortisol(More)
The relationship between foster children and their foster carers comes with many risks and may be very stressful both for parents and children. We developed an intervention (foster family intervention [FFI]) to tackle these risks. The intervention focuses on foster children below the age of 5 years. The objective was to investigate the effects of FFI on the(More)
Twenty-five adolescents referred to an outpatient clinic because of school refusal in 1985-1986 were followed up after an average of 5 years. DSM-III diagnoses and scores on the Maudsley Symptom Checklist were obtained at initial contact and a follow-up. At follow-up, information was also gathered on psychosocial adjustment, and subjects completed(More)
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