Hans Vatne Hansen

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Argumentation schemes are formal structures that are used to represent types of arguments that are prominent in natural language discourse. Recent research in argumentation studies has identified and investigated many of these schemes. The two types of arguments studied in this paper, found to be used during a pilot study of kinds of arguments used by the(More)
We have designed, implemented and evaluated a resource adaptive distributed information sharing system where automatic adjustments are made internally in our information sharing system in order to cope with varying resource consumption. CPU load is monitored and a light-weight trigger mechanism is used to avoid overload situations on a per-machine basis.(More)
By utilizing the complementary advantages in screen size, network speed and processing power, the computing devices we own can work together and provide a better user experience. By separating the concerns of an application into components responsible for distinct tasks, these components can run on the different devices where they perform best. As a step(More)
In order to leverage the potential of the device diversity of users, we aim to provide a middleware solution where parts of a multimedia application migrate to different devices and take advantage of more processing power and different I/O capabilities. The middleware is fully designed, and partially implemented and evaluated. Preliminary results from(More)
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