Hans Vatne Hansen

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We have designed, implemented and evaluated a resource adaptive distributed information sharing system where automatic adjustments are made internally in our information sharing system in order to cope with varying resource consumption. CPU load is monitored and a lightweight trigger mechanism is used to avoid overload situations on a per-machine basis.(More)
Knowledge plays an important role in argumentation. Yet, recent work shows that standard conceptions of knowledge in epistemology may not be entirely suitable for argumentation. This paper explores the role of knowledge in argumentation, and proposes a notion of knowledge that promises to be more suitable for argumentation by taking account of: its dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the internalising and externalising dimensions of affective states in depressed (unipolar) and bipolar patients approximately 2 years after discharge from psychiatric hospitals in Denmark. METHOD The 42-item symptom scale based on the Beck Depression Inventory was used for the measurement of both the internalising dimension of(More)
An increasing number of patients with chronic mental disease are now integrated in society. As a consequence, women with severe psychiatric illness may become pregnant and wish to complete the pregnancy and to give birth to a child. The lack of sensation of reality in these patients and their social situation may result in particular problems in their(More)
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