Hans Van Antwerpen

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We present the TM3270 media-processor, the latest TriMedia VLIW processor, tuned to address the performance demands of standard definition video processing, combined with embedded processor requirements for the consumer market. We discuss the architecture, implementation, and its first realization in a 90 nm process technology. The processor incorporates(More)
This paper describes the (micro-) architecture of the TM3270 data cache. We present the cache parameters, such as cache size, associativity, line size and cache policies. We describe the data cache pipeline partitioning and the cache memory structure organization. We introduce "collapsed" and "two-slot" load operations. Furthermore, we introduce a combined(More)
In this paper, we present various challenges that arise in the delivery and exchange of multimedia information to mobile devices. Specifically, we focus on techniques for maintainingQoS to end-user multimedia applications (e.g. video streaming, multimedia conferencing) while maximizing device lifetimes. In order to cope with the resource intensive nature of(More)
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