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PURPOSE Generation of graspable three-dimensional objects applied for surgical planning, prosthetics and related applications using 3D printing or rapid prototyping is summarized and evaluated. MATERIALS AND METHODS Graspable 3D objects overcome the limitations of 3D visualizations which can only be displayed on flat screens. 3D objects can be produced(More)
PURPOSE With whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (wb-MRI), almost the whole bone marrow compartment can be examined in patients with monoclonal plasma cell disease. Focal lesions (FLs) detected by spinal MRI have been of prognostic significance in symptomatic multiple myeloma (sMM). In this study, we investigated the prognostic significance of FLs in(More)
In classic concentric/eccentric exercise, the same absolute load is applied in concentric and eccentric actions, which infers a smaller relative eccentric load. We compared the effects of 6 weeks of classic concentric/eccentric quadriceps strength training (CON/ECC, 11 subjects) to eccentric overload training (CON/ECC+, 14 subjects) in athletes accustomed(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the clinical success and costs of computed tomography (CT)-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of osteoblastoma (OB) and spinal osteoid osteoma (OO). MATERIALS AND METHODS Nineteen patients with OB and eight patients with spinal OO were treated with CT-guided RFA. The OBs were localized in the extremities (n = 10), the vertebral(More)
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for the treatment of stage I renal cell carcinoma has recently gained significant attention as the now available long-term and controlled data demonstrate that RFA can result in disease-free and cancer-specific survival comparable with partial and/or radical nephrectomy. In the non-controlled single center trials,(More)
Recently, a novel classification system based on tumour architecture and with high prognostic impact has been proposed for pulmonary adenocarcinomas (ADCs). For imaging-based prediction of histological ADC subtypes and, thus, prognosis, it is of paramount importance to investigate the correlations of radio- and histomorphological parameters. Associations(More)
PURPOSE To assess diaphragm, lung region, and tumor mobility during the whole breathing cycle using dynamic MRI. A generalized safety margin concept for radiotherapy planning was calculated and compared with an individualized concept. METHODS AND MATERIALS The breathing cycles of 20 patients with solitary lung tumors (15 Stage I non-small-cell lung(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the diagnostic value of non-contrast-enhanced, 3D-high-resolution, ECG-gated, multi-step MR angiography (non-ceMRA) of the lower extremities using a modified turbo-spin-echo technique in comparison to 1.0-molar contrast-enhanced MR angiography (ceMRA) in patients with suspected peripheral vascular disease (PVD). METHODS Fifty(More)
Late enhancement (LE) in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a characteristic finding in patients with cardiac amyloidosis (CA) but the histomorphological explanation has not been clarified yet. Five patients with CA were evaluated by MRI prior to heart transplantation. This consisted of morphological, volumetric, and functional data, including LE(More)
OBJECTIVE Because of the heterogeneous nature of glioma, biopsies performed should be targeted at the most anaplastic region. Several functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) techniques have been proposed for identifying the most anaplastic tumor area. However, it is unclear whether the recommended biopsy targets(More)