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This paper analyzes the impact of heterogeneous (social) preferences on the weighting and combination of performance measures as well as on a firm's profitability. We consider rivalry, egoism and altruism as extreme forms within the continuum of possible preferences and show that the principal can typically exploit both the altruistic and rivalistic(More)
Hospitals are facing increasing economic pressure. It therefore seems necessary to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of medical or surgical interventions. In this study 324 anastomoses (167 stapled and 157 hand-sewn) were performed after randomization during 200 elective operations [20.5% gastrectomies, 14% gastric resections (Billroth II), 15%(More)
Spirometry, full-bodyplethysmography, and inhalation challenge tests are the most frequently used methods for lung function testing. In all, 677 examinations were performed among exposed employees at the Degussa carbon black plant in Kalscheuren/Germany using the above mentioned methods, in order to detect whether there is a measurable impact of carbon(More)
  • H Küpper
  • 1984
Major contributions towards the development of an absolutely safe FMDV vaccine are evident. With the identification of VP1 as the immunogenic protein, it is possible to manufacture a subunit vaccine via biotechnology. DNA sequences encoding the VP1 protein can be introduced into a bacterium with ease; under the appropriate conditions, large amounts of VP1(More)
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