Hans Tap

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This paper is about technology in use and its possible relation to future design. The paper presents three cases taken from an ethnographic study at a dialysis department in Sweden. The observed methods of the participants in the work practices are in different ways related to the development of a remote dialysis system. In addition to giving an(More)
This paper describes a project aiming at developing a new alarm system for the dialysis department in Karlskrona, Sweden. We'll present the approach we used in order to understand how the alarms was perceived and how the alarms influenced the nurses work practice. Our understanding of the alarm was used as a basis for the design process of creating a new(More)
Traditional desktop computers have a tendency to drag users to the desk and away from their object of work. Researchers working within fields covered by the term 'tangible computing' are trying to find ways to integrate computer technology in a more radical way and minimise gravitation to a desk. In this paper we argue for different interactional features(More)
This paper documents a study at three dialysis departments on the use of different alarm systems. The design of the alarm systems is to some extent in line with the visions of augmented reality and ubiquitous computing. Our study has raised a range of questions which we think are relevant for the research on how to embed technology in users' environment. We(More)
The traditional desktop computer have a tendency to drag users to the desk, away from their object of work. Within fields covered by the term tangible computing, researchers try to find ways to integrate computer technology in a more radical way, and minimising the desk gravitation. In this paper we argue for different interactional features that are(More)
This paper is an attempt to take artifacts seriously. In the light of some basic questions – How do humans and nonhumans " connect " ? How do they " interact " ? How do they " work together? " – we are detailing two cases of medical work activity. Both cases deal with the practices of keeping patients " fluid balance ". One of the cases is from an ongoing(More)
In this thesis, the concept of virtual reality has been elaborated in the context of games, industrial design and manufacturing. The main purpose of this master's thesis is to create a virtual environment for games that are near to the reality and according to the human nature through aspects like better interface, simulation, lights, shadow effects and(More)
Today we have computers in all kind of work places, and it is a fairly common artefact in many homes. What becomes an interesting topic when computers end up in everyday occasions and used by people who are not necessarily computer experts is how the user interface should be designed to be rendered practically useful. This thesis explores part of this(More)