Hans T J Smits

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Small human lung specimens are frequently used for cell biological studies of the pathogenesis of emphysema. In general, lung function and other clinical parameters are used to establish the presence and severity of emphysema/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease without morphological analysis of the specimens under investigation. In this study we compared(More)
In order to quantify the effect of the substrata surface topography on cellular behaviour, planar and micro-textured silicon substrata were produced and made suitable for cell culture by radio frequency glow discharge treatment. These substrata possessed parallel surface grooves with a groove and ridge width of 2.0 (SilD02), 5.0 (SilD05) and 10 microns(More)
To evaluate the effect of surface treatment and surface microtexture on cellular behavior, smooth and microtextured silicone substrata were produced. The microtextured substrata possessed parallel surface grooves with a width and spacing of 2.0 (SilD02), 5.0 (SilD05), and 10 microns (SilD10). The groove depth was approximately 0.5 microns. Subsequently,(More)
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