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Key characteristics of newly emerging IC technologies render the traditional concept of die size minimization and traditional "design rules" insufficient to handle the design-manufacturing interface. This tutorial surveys the design and process characteristics relevant to the manufacturability of submicron ICs. The discussion also covers analysis of design(More)
Owing to rapid changes of IC technologies, traditionaldesign rule checking is becoming inadequate to assure satisfactorylevels of IC manufacturability. This paper describes a newcomputer supported design analysis environment that improvesthe efficiency of manufacturability assessment of new products.This environment, called MAPEX 2, is described in the(More)
A sound IC design methodology must be supported by adequate manufacturability assessment tools. These tools should assist a designer in predicting IC manufacturing cost in as early a design stage as possible. In this paper a yield model is proposed that takes as input a standard cell netlist and produces as output a yield estimate without performing(More)