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The evaluation of the results of myocardial biopsy specimens of 24 patients highly suspected of having myocardial sarcoidosis revealed a sarcoid granuloma only in one case. In tapering frequency (60-33%) there has been myocardial scarring, generalized fibrosis, pathological count of mononuclear cells, nuclear hypertrophy, and perivascular fibrosis which all(More)
This paper deals with interpolation and approximation satisfying constraints. We consider approximation by conditionally positive definite functions in norms which are associated with the conditionally positive definite functions. The theory of reproducing kernels is used to transform the approximation problems to quadratic optimization problems. Then we(More)
Previously Landis, Hunt, and PagC have reported that ultrarapid moving pictures show that the startle pattern, which is present in normal individuals following the sound of a revolver shot, is not present in many epileptics. In a group of 20 epileptics studied at Kings Park State Hospital, three showed an absence of all elements of the normal startle(More)
Structural tracheal stenoses have different functional effects according to degree, localization and extent of the stenosis. Further modifications are due to malacic components within the range of the stenosis or tracheal segments abutting on the stenosis. Nineteen patients with mainly cervical tracheal stenoses (12 patients) were investigated in order to(More)
Berichtet wird über einen 54-jährigen Mann mit chronischer rechtsbetonter Herzinsuffizienz. Echokardiographisch zeigte sich eine ausgeprägte Dilatation aller Herzhöhlen mit eingeschränkter links- und rechtsventrikulärer Pumpfunktion. Die Herzkatheteruntersuchung ergab eine hyperzirkulatorische Herzinsuffizienz infolge eines Links-rechts-Shunts durch eine(More)
52 patients thought to have sarcoid heart involvement have been followed up. By administration of a standardized glucocorticoid therapy we demonstrated improvement of patients' symptoms, ECG disturbances, thallium scan defects of left heart muscle and there was 60-70% regression of pulmonary sarcoidosis. There was a low death rate. We conclude that our(More)
Biihmer, K.: Bang-In[eklion des )Ienschen. Erg. Hyg. 13, 453--515 (1932). Ein sorgf~ltig zusammengetragenes reiehes Material l~l]t erkennen, dal] wit in dem ~Iorbus Bang ein wohl charakterisiertes Krankheitsbild vor uns haben. Die Infektion mit dem Bacterium abortus infectiosi boris Bang erfolgt entwedcr percutan dutch Bertihrung iniizierter Tiere oder per(More)