Hans Sterk

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This paper deals with our work on interactive mathematical documents. These documents accomodate various sources, users, and mathematical services. Communication of mathematics between these entities is based on the OpenMath standard and Java technology. But, for the management of the communication, more protocols and tools are needed. We describe an(More)
This paper presents OpenMath servers and their role in an architecture for distributing mathematical computations. Such an architecture is needed in the context of mathematical problems whose solution is best achieved by use of techniques from different areas. We describe such a setting integrating various computational engines. Finally we provide case(More)
New technologies such as xml, xsl and both MathML and Open-Math make it possible to bring mathematics to the Internet. Indeed, Open-Math, a markup language for mathematical content, and OmDoc, its extension to mathematical documents, open a way of communicating mathematics between computers, between software applications and over the Internet without losing(More)
This section deals with our work on interactive mathematical documents that make use of the World Wide Web. These documents take input from various sources, users, and mathematical services. Communication between these different entities can be realized using OpenMath. But, such communication and the interactivity inside the mathematical document take place(More)
PURPOSE OF THE COURSE: The course teaches the basic concepts and techiques of infinitesimal and integral calculus in a way that is concise and suitable for applications. The theory is presented at a decent level of formal rigour in the statements and in those proofs that are worked out in detail. Students are trained at calculus, above all with(More)
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