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Evidence exists that butyrate inhibits apoptosis of colon crypt cells in vivo so that less tryptophan from cell debris is available for skatole formation by microbes in the pig colon. In this study, potato starch containing a high proportion of resistant starch was fed to test the hypothesis that increased butyrate formation will occur in the colon and(More)
Selenium (Se) as essential trace element is supplemented in various compounds to rations of food producing animals. In human nutrition the range between Se requirement and upper level is very small (1:3–5). Hence, food of animal origin may contribute to Se supply of humans, but can also offer high amounts of Se and exceed the Se upper level for humans.(More)
Energy content of feedstuffs has to be determined by animal experiments. For practical purposes energy content of feeds was predicted by data on in vivo digestibility of nutrients, in vitro digestibility and different chemical parameters. Especially chemical and in vitro parameters were used in different combinations as predictors. The accuracy of such(More)
One of each pair of female sister rats aging 1, 4, 7 or 10 months was exposed during 3 months to 31.5 mg/L Cd (as CdCl2) in its drinking water and sacrificed immediately after Cd exposure together with its untreated sister. Concentrations of Cd, Zn and Cu were measured in the kidneys (medulla and cortex), the liver, the duodenum and the uterus. Furthermore,(More)
Genotypes of cereal grains, including winter barley (n = 21), maize (n = 27), oats (n = 14), winter rye (n = 22), winter triticale (n = 21) and winter wheat (n = 29), were assayed for their chemical composition and physical characteristics as part of the collaborative research project referred to as GrainUp. Genotypes of one grain species were grown on the(More)
Mono-quaternary salts Z have been prepared from pyridine-aldoximes and 1,3-dihalogen compounds. These were used to synthesize asymmetrical bis-quaternary pyridine-oximes with three-membered bridge. The effect of reactivation of phosphorylated AChE by these substances is less than that of obidoxim (Toxogonin).
The following study reports an application to primae gravidae of two different psychological treatments aiming at reducing the fear of childbearing and facilitating the delivery. The treatments under comparison were systematic desensitization and modification of self instruction, a more cognitive approach. The effects of the two treatments proved to be(More)
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