Hans Schenkel

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Selenium (Se) as essential trace element is supplemented in various compounds to rations of food producing animals. In human nutrition the range between Se requirement and upper level is very small (1:3–5). Hence, food of animal origin may contribute to Se supply of humans, but can also offer high amounts of Se and exceed the Se upper level for humans.(More)
  • Eingereicht An Der, Dipl.-Ing Agr Polip Iv, Kompung Cham, Kambodscha, J Mlynek Dekan, Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerischen Fakultät +6 others
  • 2001
Zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades doctor rerum agriculturarum Verminderung der Sporengehalte erreicht werden. 2 Abstract The first aim of this work was to determine the minimum content of nitrate (MCN) which is required to get silage free of butyric acid. For it, two multi-factorial experiments with or-chardgrass were carried out under laboratory(More)
Psychiatrists who recently finished their postgraduate training filled in a questionnaire about their training experiences. Two thirds considered the training as generally insufficient although many gave high ratings when asked about the quality of their clinical experiences and the acquisition of skills. It appears that the main areas for possible(More)
A questionnaire filled in by psychiatrists shortly after the end of their postgraduate training showed that the majority invested a considerable amount of time and money for a psychotherapy training on private initiative. Three quarters had a training analysis. About 70% felt that their private training efforts had been more important than the official(More)
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