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BACKGROUND Current conventional vaccination approaches do not induce potent CD8 T-cell responses for fighting mostly variable viral diseases such as influenza, avian influenza viruses or HIV. Following our recent study on vaccine penetration by targeting of vaccine to human hair follicular ducts surrounded by Langerhans cells, we tested in the first(More)
Induction of T cell responses has become one of the major goals in therapeutic vaccination against viral diseases and cancer. The use of the skin as target organ for vaccine has been spurred by recent implication of epithelial dendritic cells in CD8 cell cross-priming and suggests that vaccination via the transcutaneous (TC) route may be relevant in the(More)
Endocrine regulation of central and systemic stress response as well as learning and memory are in part controlled by systemic glucocorticoid levels. So far steroids have been thought to act on the brain predominantly through nuclear receptors. However, some brain systems known to respond to glucocorticoids seem to be devoid of the respective receptor(More)
Treatment of hypertension in the elderly is expected to become more complex in the coming decades. Based on the current landscape of clinical trials, guideline recommendations remain inconclusive. The present review discusses the latest evidence derived from studies available in 2013 and investigates optimal blood pressure (BP) and preferred treatment(More)
BACKGROUND There are only a few trials for the very elderly population (>79 years). No consensus, which blood pressure (BP) goals and substances should be applied, has been found yet. This survey was undertaken to investigate how octogenarians are treated and attain BP targets in the Swiss primary care. METHODS Data from 4594 hypertensive patients were(More)
A tester can do testing «just as a job». This could be good enough. Alternatively, a tester can invest «the little extra», i.e. do a better job. In this paper, I try to define what this «little extra» means. Systematic testing of software or systems can be learned, just like any engineering discipline. There are tester knowledge certification schemes(More)
Improving the Education of Software Testers. " Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF). Career focus-improving software customer satisfaction and safety. I've worked as a programmer, tester, writer,(More)
BACKGROUND In vitro diagnostic (IVD) investigations are indispensable for routine patient management. Appropriate testing allows early-stage interventions, reducing late-stage healthcare expenditure (HCE). AIM To investigate HCE on IVDs in two developed markets and to assess the perceived value of IVDs on clinical decision-making. Physician-perceived HCE(More)