Hans Rudolf Straub

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A description of a medical cases can – as any statement about reality – contain more or less information. The aim of a classification is to express as much as possible with a minimum of words (classes). For this purpose the information contained in a terminology must be reduced. Is such a reduction an obvious process? In this paper we examine this question(More)
The fully automated generation of diagnostic codes requires a knowledge-based system which is capable of interpreting noun phrases. The sense content of the words must be analysed and represented for this purpose. The codes are then generated based on this representation.In comparison with other knowledge-based systems, a system of this kind places the(More)
The present study examined task-specific user preferences for two numeric keypads. Eight scenarios describing numerical entry tasks were presented to 100 subjects. For each scenario, subjects were to choose the keypad of their choice between the ADD(ing machine) and TEL(ephone) arrangements. Scenarios including entering telephone numbers, the subject's(More)
Previous research suggests that interactive imagery produces memory performance superior to separation imagery, although the effects of instructions are less clear. Paired-associate learning was used to examine the effects of instructions (general memory, separation imagery, and interactive imagery) on recall, the frequency of using memory strategies(More)
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