Hans Ronald Fischer

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Personal Cloud Storage and File Synchronization (CSFS) applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Sky Drive among others are rapidly gaining attention within the Internet community. Recent studies have shown that just Dropbox can account for a traffic volume as high as one third of the YouTube traffic in campus networks, evidencing an overwhelming(More)
In order to cope with the expected future growth of mobile broadband traffic, network operators will be forced to dramatically increase their Radio Access Network (RAN) capacities. As neither the purchase of additional spectrum nor the deployment of new radio technologies will be able to solve this problem in the long run, we focus on a strategy for(More)
The recent tremendous growth of mobile broadband traffic demand forces mobile operators to find ways for offloading their macro-infrastructure. This can be achieved by a combination of two concepts, i.e., introducing/deploying a finer grid of base-stations (femto-cells) together with increasing the share of traffic volume that is handled by(More)
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