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The purpose of this study was to investigate the motor function of the esophagus in patients with chronic caustic esophagitis. We evaluated 7 patients between 2 and 10 years of age, who had ingested caustics between 15 months and 3 years of age. The method we used was radiology with fluoroscopy vision and manometry. There was no correlation between(More)
In summary, our present evidence indicates that: 1. Gastritis is a very frequent finding. 2. Its clinical picture is not a specific one. 3. Diffuse gastric processes may be associated with other diseases of the digestive tract. 4. Achlorhydria is particularly evident with atrophic gastritis and even more so with gastric atrophy. 5. Superficial gastritis may(More)
The enzymatic activities of maltase, sucrase, and lactase were determined in jejunal biopsies obtained from 24 children with gastrointestinal symptoms and different degrees of protein energy malnutrition (PEM) to see if these differences were related to the extent of malnutrition or concomitant small intestinal mucosal injury. Even in patients with moderate(More)
After the introduction of Redon high-vacuum drainage, a considerable decrease in post-operative haematomas has been noted. But some of the complications could not be prevented by using the Redon system. They were in fact the result of it. The Redon system cannot be classified as a "closed" wound drainage. During bottle replacement, the system must be(More)
A new method is described for the sorting of vegetation tables by computer. The computer program is largely based upon the principles ofBraun-Blanquet tablework. The main task of the program is the extraction of those species groups from the table which optimally differentiate corresponding groups of relevés. The mechanism of group formation essentially(More)
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Ascariasis is one of the most frequent intestinal parasitosis of man, specially in tropical regions where it affects mostly children. The adult worm can migrate through the ampulla of vater and penetrate the bile ducts producing different degrees of obstruction and infection. Ultrasonography is a rapid and simple non invasive procedure very effective for(More)
Although support services are considered cost-effective in the relief of care-giving family members of dementia patients, there has been little research to date on the predictors of use and quality expectations. These two questions are examined for the first time based on cross-sectional data of 404 care-giving family members, users and non-users of(More)