Hans Roelofs

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In humans, alkaline phosphatases are encoded by one tissue-non-specific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP) gene and three tissue-specific alkaline phosphatase genes, intestinal, placental (PLAP), and germ cell-specific alkaline phosphatase (GCAP). Although the presence of alkaline phosphatases in testicular germ cell tumours (TGCTs) of adolescents and adults has(More)
Case hardening steels produced from continuous cooling processes often exhibit a multiphase microstructure. The parameters of the cooling process then define the product properties in cases where no additional annealing treatment is required. However, these steels can be very sensitive to process parameters. To optimise the properties after the cooling(More)
The influence of bainite morphology on the impact toughness behaviour of a continuously cooled cementite free low carbon C-Mn-B type of steel has been examined. Different bainite morphologies were obtained by cooling from the austenite regime to ambient temperature with different cooling rates. The resulting microstructures have been quantitatively analysed(More)
Testicular germ cell tumors (TGCTs) of adolescents and adults have been shown to contain proteins of the human endogenous retrovirus type K family. In a recent study, expression of these retroviral sequences was confirmed using in situ hybridization, which also showed expression in carcinoma in situ, the precursor of all TGCTs. Because of the clinical(More)
The influence of bainite morphology on the impact toughness behaviour of continuously cooled cementite-free low carbon bainitic steels has been examined. In these steels, bainitic microstructures formed mainly by lath-like upper bainite, consisting of thin and long parallel ferrite laths, were shown to exhibit higher impact toughness values than those with(More)
Human testicular germ-cell tumors of young adults (TGCTs), both seminomas and nonseminomas, are characterized by 12p overrepresentation, mostly as isochromosomes, of which the biological and clinical significance is still unclear. A limited number of TGCTs has been identified with an additional high-level amplification of a restricted region of 12p(More)
Testicular germ cell tumours (TGCTs) may arise through a process of multi-step carcinogenesis, and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at specific loci is likely to be an important early event, although this has not been studied in detail. In order to explore the pathogenetic relationships among TGCTs, we investigated the genetic changes in testicular tumours that(More)
Fast simulation techniques are applied to estimate error rates of coherent M -ary phase shift keying (PSK) in the presence of co-channel interference (CCI) and additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). This type of interference occurs often in wireless systems that employ frequency reuse. Error rates are frequently calculated assuming that CCI can be modelled(More)
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