Hans Robert Tuten

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Surgical excision of one of the compound eyes from juvenile crayfish leads to the regeneration of a heteromorphic antennule in 30% of the cases. Most of the heteromorphic antennules generated this way are bifurcate appendages possessing morphologically distinct medial and lateral branches. These structures are identical to the internal and external flagella(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether distraction osteogenesis can be used to treat hypertrophic nonunion associated with angular deformity and shortening after Coventry style high tibial osteotomy. Five consecutive patients were retrospectively reviewed. In all patients the alignment had collapsed into excessive varus or valgus and leg length(More)
Nine patients who presented to our institution with the chief complaint of a limp and no history of trauma were subsequently diagnosed with leukemia. A review of these patients identified clinical and laboratory findings that helped to establish the diagnosis. The presence of an antalgic gait with complaints of pain of variable intensity and duration, an(More)
Hip pain and varicella infections are common diagnoses affecting children and adolescents. Hip pain in childhood can be a challenging presenting complaint for the pediatrician or orthopedic physician. The differential diagnosis is broad, and ranges from benign conditions, such as transient synovitis and muscle strains, to more serious infections or(More)
Two hundred fourteen consecutive male cardiac surgery patients were retrospectively evaluated for the incidence of adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder and were assessed for risk factors. Only male patients were included, as the study took place at a Veteran's hospital. Patients who had no shoulder problems prior to cardiac surgery and were experiencing(More)
BACKGROUND We reevaluated seven patients who initially had been managed nonoperatively because of a progressive valgus deformity that had occurred within approximately twelve months after satisfactory healing of a proximal tibial metaphyseal fracture sustained at an average age of four years (range, eleven months to six years and four months). All seven(More)
STUDY DESIGN Biomechanical pullout study using calcium triglyceride (CTG) and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) for screw augmentation. OBJECTIVE Compare the biomechanical performance of CTG augmentation versus the gold standard, PMMA, in primary and revision models, using a pedicle screw pullout model. BACKGROUND SUMMARY CTG is a novel form of bone(More)
Uninstrumented in-situ fusion of pediatric spondylolisthesis harbors a significant risk of suboptimal outcome. We suggest that reduction and instrumented fusion with deliberate protective measures against neurologic insult should be considered for the treatment of low-grade slips to intermediate-grade slips. This retrospective review of the clinical and(More)