Hans Reinhard Koch

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Systemic application of 8-methoxypsoralen to rats, followed by u.v.-irradiation, induces a minor change in the lens membrane potential after one week, and by this time marked histological changes have already occurred. Alterations in lens sodium and potassium concentrations followed these early changes and coincided with the appearance of small(More)
Longterm investigations of patients on immun-suppressive corticosteroid therapy showed that the development of advanced corticosteroid cataracts is accompanied by a marked increase of lens myopia up to 7.5 dpt. It can be assumed that this phenomenon is due to the optical effect of the discoid posterior subcapsular opacities.
Recently, psoriasis has been shown to respond favorably to PUVA treatment, i.e., local or systemic therapy with a photosensitizer (e.g., 8-methoxypsoralen) and subsequent long UV irradiation. The possibility of this treatment damaging the eye is discussed in the light of various experimental results. As toxic changes only occur when photosensitizer and UVA(More)
V. Koptev,1 M. Büscher,2 H. Junghans,2 M. Nekipelov,1,2 K. Sistemich,2 H. Ströher,2 V. Abaev,1 H.-H. Adam,3 R. Baldauf,4 S. Barsov,1 U. Bechstedt,2 N. Bongers,2 G. Borchert,2 W. Borgs,2 W. Bräutigam,2 W. Cassing,5 V. Chernyshev,6 B. Chiladze,7 M. Debowski,8 J. Dietrich,2 M. Drochner,4 S. Dymov,9 J. Ernst,10 W. Erven,4 R. Esser,11,* P. Fedorets,6 A.(More)
In view of personal clinical observations, it appeared possible that a therapy with the carboanhydrase inhibitor acetazolamide leads to a reduction of tear production and induces a dry eye syndrome. Tear secretion was therefore measured by Schirmer tests in a control group of 66 patients after cataract surgery and in a test group of 20 patients who were(More)
The present paper reports the first results with the Meditec OPL-3 neodymium:YAG laser (Rodenstock, Munich). The YAG laser is a pulsed laser, the biological effects of which are based on the formation of plasma at its focal point. Plasma formation induces a rapid explosion-like expansion of the tissue. This effect can be used to sever opaque structures of(More)