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The 26 S proteasome complex is thought to catalyse the breakdown of ubiquitinated proteins within eukaryotic cells. In addition it has been found that the complex also degrades short-lived proteins such as ornithine decarboxylase in a ubiquitin-independent manner. Both proteolytic processes are paralleled by the hydrolysis of ATP. Here we show that ATP also(More)
A proteolytic enzyme was purified from the post-myofibrillar fraction of rat skeletal muscle. The purification procedure consisted of fractionation of the muscle extract by (NH4)2SO4, chromatography on DEAE-Sephacel, fast protein liquid chromatography on Mono Q and gel filtration on Sepharose 6B. The enzyme preparation appeared to be homogeneous as judged(More)
The effect of Etomoxir as a carnitine palmitoyl transferase I-inhibitor was investigated in normal and chronic diabetic rats. Etomoxir (18 mg/kg) was given daily for 8 days by intraperitoneal injection in order to inhibit the oxidation of fatty acids and to increase the metabolism of glucose. This carnitine palmitoyl transferase I-inhibitor significantly(More)
We studied the influence of Etomoxir on fat and carbohydrate oxidation, and the influence of these changes on insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetic patients. Etomoxir is an oxirane carboxylic acid derivative that specifically inactivates carnitine-acyltransferase I (CAT I, EC:, the key enzyme for the transport of long-chain acyl-CoA compounds(More)
Isolated cardiac myocytes from lean and genetically obese (fa/fa) Zucker rats were used to study cellular alterations related to the obesity syndrome in this tissue. Scatchard analysis of insulin binding data suggested a reduction in the number of low affinity sites in cells from obese rats; in contrast, an unaltered high affinity segment with Kd values of(More)
Determination of the turnover rates of glucose gives a more dynamic view of carbohydrate metabolism. Using 2H- or 13C-labelled glucose, stable isotope methods have been established which are free of risk for volunteers or patients and are in accordance with the legal requirements for radiation protection. The aim of the present study was to determine the(More)
The performance characteristics of four radioisotopically and non-radioisotopically labelled two-site immunoassays for the determination of 'intact' parathyrin in plasma samples are reported. Within-run as well as between-assay imprecision was characterized by coefficients of variation usually < 10%. Assessment of the linearity of dilution in plasma samples(More)
This study investigates the effect of orally administered testosterone on serum testosterone levels and immune responses including outcome of Plasmodium chabaudi malaria. Female C57BL/10 mice were fed on a diet impregnated with 17 alpha-methyl-testosterone for 3 weeks. This raised the circulating testosterone levels from 0.28 ng/ml to 2.69 ng/ml on the(More)
Calcium-tolerant myocytes from the adult rat heart were used to study the effects of insulin on the kinetics of myocardial 3-0-methylglucose transport at 37 degrees C. Insulin increased the initial velocity of sugar influx without affecting the equilibrium uptake values. Maximal stimulation averaged 50-80%, with a half-maximal response at an insulin(More)