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The excretion of methylmalonic acid was measured and deoxyuridine suppression test (dU-test) was performed in 5 patients before and after 24 h of ventilation with nitrous oxide. The mean urinary 2-methylmalonic acid was increased from 90 to 320 mumol/24 h and the dU-tests became abnormal. These findings indicate that the 2 vitamin B-12 dependent enzymes,(More)
For optimal treatment of burns an understanding of the pathophysiological changes occurring locally and systemically after injury is necessary. Accurate estimation of burn size and depth as well as early treatment is essential. Knowledge of the circumstances of the accident and experience in diagnosing physical signs are required in terms of the need for(More)
Studies of political consumerism originating especially from political science have demonstrated that the market mechanism can be regarded as another channel for political participation, and that the consumers are both able to and willing to use this channel to achieve political goals. However, marketers still need studies that are able to show to what(More)
Hypertonic saline (HS) has been used since 1980 in the treatment of traumatised, hypotensive patients. Studies show more pronounced and stable increments in blood pressure and reduced mortality in various subgroups of patients treated with HS compared to isotonic fluids. When infused in the setting of hypovolaemia HS instantaneously expands plasma volume(More)
Following infusion of hypertonic saline, interstitial and intracellular fluids are within minutes drawn into the vascular compartment as a result of osmotic gradients. Administration of 5 ml/kg body weight hypertonic saline leads to a degree of plasma expansion corresponding to 8-12 ml/kg. Results from major randomized studies on treatment of acute(More)