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1. Intravenous injections of lobeline HCl into twenty-six normal young male human volunteers produced sensations of choking, pressure or fumes in the throat and upper chest at a mean threshold dose of 12 micrograms kg-1. 2. Reflex changes in breathing pattern usually appeared just before the sensations. Increasing the dose of lobeline increased the(More)
Juxta-pulmonary capillary (J or pulmonary C fiber) receptors are stimulated by an increase in pulmonary blood flow and give rise to respiratory acceleration and related sensations and inhibit exercise. However, the reverse, i.e., the effect of reducing pulmonary blood flow on their reflexes, is as yet not known. This was investigated by carrying out a(More)
In order to examine, whether the lobeline-induced cough is a true reflex or a voluntary effort to get rid of its irritating sensations in the upper respiratory tract, we systematically studied the cough response to lobeline, of subjects who were unable to make conscious discriminations i.e. were either comatose (n=4) or anaesthetized (n=5). 8 microg/kg(More)
Since there is evidence that lobeline-induced sensations, associated with discomfort in the mouth, throat and chest arise by stimulating juxtapulmonary or J receptors, we were interested in investigating if similar sensations are felt by patients with left ventricular dysfunction (LVD) in whom a natural stimulation of these receptors would occur by(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess the suitability of SPARC sling as a minimally invasive operation for female stress urinary incontinence. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred consecutive patients were evaluated over 45-month period. All had stress urinary incontinence (SUI), proven on urodynamics and cough stress test, independently or combined with urge incontinence but(More)
Background: Ventral hernia is due to a biological problem of stable scar tissue formation, mesh techniques today are the methods of choice for hernia repair. Ideal site of mesh placement is still debated. Methods: 100 cases of ventral hernia with defect size ≤ 4 inches were alternatively placed in onlay and inlay group. Observations were made with regards(More)
Leptospirosis, long thought to be a disease of sewage workers and found post-flooding is re-emerging as a potentially life threatening infectious disease in urban India during monsoon and immediately after due to poor sanitation and drainage. However, it is often ignored and under diagnosed due to a low index of suspicion. We present a fatal case of(More)
INTRODUCTION Sutureless and glue-free conjunctival autograft as a treatment modality for primary pterygium is recently gaining popularity but conventional technique of suturing conjunctival autograft is still practised widely. AIM To compare the outcome of sutureless and glue-free technique with sutures for limbal conjunctival autografting in management(More)