Hans R. Müller

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The diameter of 261 middle cerebral and 225 anterior cerebral arteries was measured on half axial antero-posterior (ap) view, and the diameter of 217 internal carotid arteries on side view angiograms. Mean diameter was significantly larger by 9.3%, 8.8% and 9.7% respectively in males than in females. In the females the vessels of the left hemisphere were(More)
Transcranial Doppler sonography (TCD) is a simple method to detect a right-to-left cardiac shunt, although standardized procedures do not exist. In this study 69 patients were tested according to predetermined criteria and procedures (cluster of > 10 microbubbles, duration between injection in the cubital vein and detection in the middle cerebral artery(More)
The aim of this study was to prove the existence of clinically silent embolization arising from carotid stenoses. Simultaneous bilateral transcranial Doppler sonography of the middle cerebral artery was carried out during 10 minutes in 30 patients having ultrasonically demonstrated unilateral (n = 12) or bilateral internal carotid stenoses (n = 18).(More)
The prevalence of smoking, hypertension and diabetes mellitus was assessed in 221 patients suffering from internal carotid stenosis and compared with the prevalences in two sex- and age-matched control groups composed of subjects having normal Doppler findings and from non-neurological outpatients. Of the subjects with carotid stenosis 27.6% were(More)
The length, width as well as the axial, sagittal and transversal circumferences of the skull were measured before autopsy in 112 cadavers. The brain was weighed immediately after removal. A residual analysis of the correlations between skull measurements and the true brain weight was carried out, resulting in the formula: brain weight, g = (21.8 x axial(More)