Hans Petter Fundingsrud

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The CRIB (clinical risk index of babies) score was developed to overcome the disadvantages of birthweight-specific comparisons between neonatal units. The aims of this study were to assess the ability of CRIB score compared to birthweight and gestational age to predict hospital mortality in very low birthweight infants and to use CRIB score in auditing one(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the outcome for very low birthweight (VLBW) infants in northern Norway. SUBJECTS AND METHODS All live born infants (n = 536) with birthweight < or = 1500 g born during 1978-89 to women residing in the northern health region of Norway were studied retrospectively. Data were from the Medical Birth Registry (MBR), hospital records and(More)
BACKGROUND To explore the utilisation of neonatal care resources in the region. METHOD Place of birth, unit of admission, ventilator treatment, total and "unnecessary" length of stay in a tertiary unit, and to which location the children were discharged, were recorded from medical records of sick newborns from Finnmark transferred to the University(More)
During 1978-89, 245 women in Troms and Finnmark counties gave birth to 265 liveborn with birth weight < or = 1,500 g. The incidence of liveborn < or = 1,500 g, and of live- and stillborn < or = 1,500 g did not change significantly during the study period, but the stillborn proportion of live- and stillborn < or = 1,500 g decreased. The proportion of(More)
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