Hans-Peter Zenner

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OBJECTIVES Distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE) have become part of routine audiological diagnostics. The large scale of clinical DPOAE applications, such as screening of hearing in infants, objective estimation of hearing status, distinction between cochlear and retrocochlear origin of sensorineural hearing loss, exclusion of psychogenic(More)
A study was conducted to compare the new MED-EL TEMPO+ ear-level speech processor with the CIS PRO+ body-worn processor in the COMBI 40/COMBI 40+ implant system. Speech tests were performed in 46 experienced subjects in two test sessions approximately 4 weeks apart. Subjects were switched over from the CIS PRO+ to the TEMPO+ in the first session and used(More)
OBJECTIVE Acquired centralized tinnitus (ACT) is the most frequent type of chronic tinnitus. We introduce a cognitive neurophysiological ACT hypothesis based on centralized cognitive sensitization processes. MATERIAL AND METHODS Published cognitive sensitization processes were reviewed using PubMed. Furthermore, a Cochrane analysis was performed. (More)
There are few studies of the effects of nasal snuff and environmental factors on the risk of nasal cancer. This study aimed to investigate the impact of using nasal snuff and of other risk factors on the risk of nasal cancer in German men. A population-based case–control study was conducted in the German Federal States of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacological treatment of tinnitus cannot be considered well established. Thus, reducing tinnitus severity through behavioral therapy is emerging as a key goal. METHODS A total of 286 patients suffering from persistent and stable tinnitus for four months or longer participated in this controlled clinical multicenter study. The study(More)
Active middle ear implants do not produce acoustic sounds but, rather, micromechanical vibrations. The stimulating signal does not leave the transducer as sound, but as a mechanical vibration, directly coupled to the auditory system and bypassing the normal route via air. In this paper, we review our experience with the TICA and the Carina middle ear(More)
Head and neck Clinicopathologic characteristics of familial versus sporadic papillary thyroid carcinoma Analysis of risk factors for pharyngocutaneous fistula after total laryngectomy with particular focus on nutritional status Otology Musical training software for children with cochlear implants Individualised headband simulation test for predicting(More)
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