Hans-Peter Wollscheid

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The related RING domain proteins MdmX and Mdm2 are best known for their role as negative regulators of the tumor suppressor p53. However, although Mdm2 functions as a ubiquitin ligase for p53, MdmX does not have appreciable ubiquitin ligase activity. In this study, we performed a mutational analysis of the RING domain of MdmX, and we identified two distinct(More)
Myosin VI functions in endocytosis and cell motility. Alternative splicing of myosin VI mRNA generates two distinct isoform types, myosin VI(short) and myosin VI(long), which differ in the C-terminal region. Their physiological and pathological roles remain unknown. Here we identified an isoform-specific regulatory helix, named the α2-linker, that defines(More)
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