Hans-Peter Störr

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; Abstract. In 8] we have shown how to construct a 3{layer recurrent neural network that computes the iteration of the meaning function T P of a given propositional logic program, what corresponds to the computation of the semantics of the program. In this article we deene a notion of approximation for interpretations and prove that there exists a 3{layer(More)
It is rigorously shown how planning problems encoded as a class of entailment problems in the uent calculus can be mapped onto satissability problems for propositional formulas, which in turn can be mapped to the problem of nding models using binary decision diagrams (BDDs). The mapping is shown to be sound and complete. First experimental results of an(More)
In this paper we present the fuzzy description logic ALC F H introduced, where primitive concepts are modified by means of hedges taken from hedge algebras. ALC F H is strictly more expressive than Fuzzy-ALC defined in [11]. We show that given a linearly ordered set of hedges primitive concepts can be modified to any desired degree by prefixing them with(More)
A new equational foundation is presented for the Fluent Calculus , an established predicate calculus formalism for reasoning about actions. We discuss limitations of the existing axiomatizations of both equality of states and what it means for a uent to hold in a state. Our new and conceptually even simpler theory is shown to overcome the restrictions of(More)
The paper reports on first preliminary results and insights gained in a project aiming at implementing the fluent calculus using methods and techniques based on binary decision diagrams. After reporting on an initial experiment showing promising results we discuss our findings concerning various techniques and heuristics used to speed up the reasoning(More)
In this paper we show that a feedforward neural network with at least one hidden layer can approximate the meaning function TP for an acceptable logic program P. This is found by using the property of acceptable logic programs that for this class of programs the meaning function TP is a contraction mapping on the complete metric space of the interpretations(More)