Hans-Peter Schmidt

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A system layout for wireless charging at car parks is proposed. Communication signaling at a few 100 kHz is added to inductive power transfer (IPT) of some kW. For the power transfer a lumped parameter circuit is presented that is coupled to a three dimensional finite element analysis (FEA). This model is used for the design of couplers and appropriate(More)
In Industry 4.0 nodes are becoming interconnected and part of the growing Industrial Internet of Things. The use of a reduced physical layer and emerging real-time Ethernet standards, enables such nodes to be implemented cost-efficiently. Technologies and standards, which focus on cost-efficient Ethernet technologies for the use in vehicles, are quite(More)
A design of a 3-phase inductive power and data transfer for multiple stationary loads is proposed. It focuses on stable load voltages while minimizing electromagnetic interference. Loads are contactless charging units of electric vehicles at car parks. Physical properties of the inductive couplers are modelled via 3-D FEM and lumped parameters are used for(More)
Industrial communication is on its way from field-bus to Ethernet. In an industry 4.0 scenario various applications and branches in automated manufacturing, process industry and intra logistics are affected. Here, Ethernet communication will not be limited to the communication between controllers and devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) and(More)
Direct and indirect feed-in for an inductive power transfer system with multiple loads are compared. The system is described by an equivalent circuit model. The transfer behavior is simulated by use of this model and verified by measurements. Additionally, a method to determine the optimal ratio of windings for high transfer efficiency is presented. The(More)
A method of switching arc diagnosis by means of magnetic field measurement and iterative determination of current paths is presented. First results, show the feasibility of the proposed method. By measuring the magnetic field outside of the switching device with a high spatial and high temporal resolution magnetic sensor array, information is obtained on(More)
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