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One approach to providing affordable operator training in the workplace is to augment applications with intelligent embedded training systems (ETS). Intelligent embedded training is highly interactive: trainees practice realistic problem-solving tasks on the prime application with guidance and feedback from the training system. This article makes three(More)
Information technology has recently become the medium in which much professional of¢ce work is performed.This change offers an unprecedented opportunity to observe and record exactly how that work is performed.We describe our observation and logging processes and present an overview of the results of our long-term observations of a number of users of one(More)
We describe the use of a recommender system to enable continuous knowledge acquisition and individualized tutoring of application software across an organization. Installing such systems will result in the capture of evolving expertise and in organization-wide learning (OWL). We present the results of a year-long naturalistic inquiry into application's(More)
We describe a new kind of user model and a new kind of expert model and show how these models can be used to individualize the selection of instructional topics. The new user model is based on observing the individual's behavior in a natural environment over a long period of time, while the new expert model is based on pooling the knowledge of numerous(More)
This paper introduces the autonomous outdoor robot RAVON 1 (see Figure 1) which is developed at Kaiserslautern University of Technology. The vehicle is used as a testbed to investigate behaviour-based strategies on motion adaptation, local-isation and navigation in rough outdoor terrain. At the current stage the vehicle features collision-free autonomous(More)
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