Hans Peter Monner

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The acoustic performance of passive or active panel structures is usually tested in sound transmission loss facilities. A reverberant sending room, equipped with one or a number of independent sound sources, is used to generate a diffuse sound field excitation which acts as a disturbance source on the structure under investigation. The spatial correlation(More)
Actuators based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) have the potential to generate high forces at very low voltages. The density of the raw material is just 1330 kg/m3, which makes them well applicable for lightweight applications. Moreover, active strains of up to 1% can be achieved-due to the CNTs dimensional changes on charge injection. Therefore the nanotubes(More)
Advanced Fiber Placement is the technology being used to manufacture large-area, high quality parts of fiber composite materials. Due to the large-scale the production cycles are long and the parts become very expensive. One promising approach for improvement is to increase the desired laying accuracy to avoid degraded parts combined with higher laying(More)
This paper provides experimental results of an aircraft-relevant double panel structure mounted in a sound transmission loss facility. The primary structure of the double panel system is excited either by a stochastic point force or by a diffuse sound field synthesized in the reverberation room of the transmission loss facility. The secondary structure,(More)
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