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Significant cocoa production in the municipality of Waslala, Nicaragua, began in 1961. Since the 1980s, its economic importance to rural smallholders increased, and the region now contributes more than 50% of national cocoa bean production. This research aimed to assist local farmers to develop production of high-value cocoa based on optimal use of cacao(More)
INTRODUCTION The literature concerning the association between headache and arterial hypertension is very scarce, mostly prior to the actual IHS classification and based on very diverse methods, being therefore difficult to interpret. OBJECTIVES To analyse the association between arterial hypertension and two types of chronic headache and to determine, if(More)
Background and Purpose. Spasticity is a positive sign of upper motor neuron syndrome that usually develops weeks after a stroke. The mechanisms that lead to its appearance are not completely understood, namely, the cortical regions whose lesion may induce spasticity. Summary of Cases. We report two patients with an ischaemic stroke entailing the anterior(More)
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