Hans Peter Geering

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method (MMAE) with an extended Kalman filter (EKF) is considered. The ability of the MMAE method to detect faults based on a predefined hypothesis and the parameter-estimating ability of an EKF results in a very efficient fault detection approach. This so-called extended multiple model adaptive estimation method (EMMAE) has been investigated on a nonlinear(More)
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is well known for exhaust gas aftertreatment in power plant applications. In the near future, it will be introduced in Europe in mobile heavy-duty diesel applications. Stringent specifications and the dynamic operation mode of such applications demand advanced control strategies. Such a control strategy is presented here.(More)
Nonlinear dynamic inversion (NDI) is a very popular method employed in aircraft automatic flight control systems. However, it is known that this technique may have stability and robustness issues as soon as the model parameters used in the inversion process are uncertain or when the measurement data are noisy and biased. Many advanced analysis techniques(More)
In this paper, a control allocation module with explicit laws has been designed for fast operation and low computational load, so that this algorithm can run in a small processor or microcontroller with limited floating point operation capability. The control allocation method is capable of compensating for actuator faults. Given the appropriate fault(More)
This paper develops a continuous-time portfolio optimization approach for making multivariate optimal asset allocation decisions. The assets are modelled as geometric Brownian motion with time-varying stochastic mean returns. The mean returns are directly affected by financial and economic factors. These factors are modelled as stochastic Gaussian processes(More)
During the operation of heat pumps, faults like heat exchanger fouling, component failure, or refrigerant leakage reduce the system performance. In order to recognize these faults early, a fault diagnosis system has been developed and verified on a test bench. The parameters of a heat pump model are identified sequentially and classified during operation.(More)
During the next years, the limiting values for NOx, HC, and CO concentrations in the exhaust gas of an SI engine will be further lowered by legislation. This makes improvements of the existing pollution control systems indispensable. In order to apply an effective control system, the dynamics of the Three Way Catalytic Converter (TWC) have to be analysed(More)