Hans-Peter Bulnheim

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In a macrogeographic survey, the population genetic structure of mussels from various regions of the Baltic Sea, a large semi-enclosed brackish-water basin, was examined with reference toMytilus edulis andM. galloprovincialis samples from the North Sea, Irish coast and southern Portugal. Electrophoretically detectable variation was analysed at 6 polymorphic(More)
Sex determination inGammarus duebeni duebeni was analyzed by breeding experiments conducted with individuals obtained from various populations. Sex ratio of progeny depends on genetic factors and photoperiod. Generally, a preponderance of males was noted when offspring were raised under long-day photoperiods, whereas females prevailed under short-day(More)
Comparative investigations on the physiological capacities in the euryhaline amphipodsGammarus locusta, G. oceanicus, G. salinus, G. zaddachi andG. duebeni were reviewed. In order to assess the adaptations of these species to the abiotic conditions of their environment, the following criteria were examined: oxygen consumption in relation to ambient salinity(More)
1. Opalia crenimarginata (Dall) ist durch einen konsekutiven protandrischen Hermaphroditismus gekennzeichnet. Der Geschlechtsphasenwechsel kann sich mehrfach während des Lebensablaufes vollziehen. 2. In der männlichen Phase entstehen typische und atypische Spermatozoen, die sich durch ihre Morphogenese in charakteristischer Weise unterscheiden. Das(More)
A detailed analysis of intersexuality inGammarus duebeni, concerning morphology of primary and secondary sexual characters, growth, molting frequency and sexual behavior is presented. Based upon five different types a classification of intersexuality is given reflecting the degree of femaleness and maleness with respect to genital structures and secondary(More)
By utilizing the techniques for electrophoretic separation of proteins by vertical starch gels, the biochemical systematics of 10 Gammaridae species obtained from marine, brackish and freshwater habitats was studied. They includedChaetogammarus marinus, Gammarus zaddachi, G. salinus, G. oceanicus, G. tigrinus, G. chevreuxi, G. locusta, G. duebeni duebeni,(More)
Enchytraeus albidus is able to absorb dissolved14C-labeled neutral amino acids (glycine, L-alanine, L-valine,α-aminoisobutyric acid) and an amino-acid mixture from ambient water across the body surface against considerable concentration gradients. Saturation kinetics and susceptibility of glycine uptake to competitive inhibition by alanine suggest mediated(More)
Metabolic rates were measured of the euryhaline amphipodsGammarus locusta (L.),G. oceanicus Segerstråle,G. salinus Spooner,G. zaddachi Sexton, andG. duebeni Lilljeborg at 15° C by means of flow-through polarographic respirometry. The relationships between oxygen consumption (y) and body weight (x), expressed by the equationy = a · x b, under the influence(More)
Bei Gammarus duebeni Lillj. s ind sowohl in F re i l andpopu la t i onen als auch bei den N a c h k o m m e n you P a a r k u l t u r e n bet r / icht l iche A b w e i c h u n g e n yore 1 : l -VerhSl tn is der Geschlechte r fes tges te l l t worden [1--3]. D u r c h Z u c h t v e r s u c h e lieBen sich a m p h o g e n e St~tmme m i t we i tgehend gemisch(More)