Hans-Peter Brückner

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The effect of different representatives of the group of peptaibiotics, alpha-amino-isobutyric acid rich secondary metabolites of filamentous fungi, on Culex pipiens larvae was studied. Light and transmission electron microscopy techniques were used to localize the intracellular damage and to determine the target organells for the mode of action of(More)
A common approach for high accuracy sensor fusion based on 9D inertial measurement unit data is Kalman filtering. State of the art floating-point filter algorithms differ in their computational complexity nevertheless, real-time operation on a low-power microcontroller at high sampling rates is not possible. This work presents algorithmic modifications to(More)
A major requirement for effective and interactive sonification in rehabilitation is the availability of a mobile platform. Portable state of the art motion capturing is achieved with inertial sensors. This paper presents a real-time, low latency sonification demonstrator based on an low power consumption ARM Cortex A8 processor, which is designed for mobile(More)
Objective real-time acoustic feedback of complex movements arises in applications ranging from assisted training in sport to medical rehabilitation. This so called interactive movement sonification enables continuous feedback. Multiple studies have shown the benefit of sonification in movement relearning. Ubiquitous feedback requires a mobile and wearable(More)
Sensor fusion is an important computation step for acquiring reliable orientation information from inertial sensors. These sensors are very attractive in order to achieve a mobile capturing of human movements, which is desired for application in sports or rehabilitation. Commercial inertial sensors with small form factors and low power consumption can be(More)