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Fenbendazol wirkt bei einer Dosis von 5 bis 10 mg/kg p.o. auf alle bedeutenden Magen-, Darm-Nematoden inkl. einiger Organnematoden von Schwein, Schaf, Rind und Pferd, wobei nicht nur die Adulten, sondern auch die chemotherapeutisch schwer zu beeinflussenden Entwicklungsstadien (O. ostertagi) praktisch vollständig eliminiert werden. Bei extrem guter(More)
Laser scanningor ”LIDAR”-based systems show perfect performance during time-critical events, like data collection in disaster management. To this end the research reports from classification of damaged buildings, a special challenge, for which first results are given. Firstly, mathematical foundations compile some new insights which are specific for the(More)
In image understanding, the importance of language (e.g. the choice of class names in image analysis) has been widely underestimated up to now. Within this paper, the close interaction between language and graphics is analysed for geospatial applications. It is shown that texts and maps are two complementary representations of knowledge, resulting among(More)
Documentation of cultural heritage is highly challenged by advanced digital technology. The dream of the experts involved might become true; i. e.: very fast data acquisition at acceptable precision and reasonable cost. The realisation of these ideas requires straightforward use of standard digital components as digital cameras, advanced micro computers,(More)
The various educational programmes and projects implemented between Brazil and Germany are analysed with respect to strategies to attain sustainable results. Therefore, while minor stress is laid on the description of the particular programmes in contrast to focus on elements from which long-term success emerges. Education goes far beyond simple training.(More)