Hans P Jenssen

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Kerr-lens mode-locked Kr-laser-pumped Cr:LiSGaF and Cr:LiSAF lasers containing only two newly developed low-loss chirped mirrors instead of conventional dielectric resonator mirrors and generating pulses of widths as small as 14-fs with as much as 100 mW of average output power are reported. We report what is to our knowledge the first experimental(More)
A Kerr-lens mode-locked Cr:LiSrGaF laser containing no intracavity prisms has been demonstrated for the first time to the authors' knowledge. The laser produced stable near-transform-limited 44-fs pulses with an output power of 200 mW, tunable between 833 and 857 nm. Low-loss Gires-Tournois structured dielectric mirrors were used for dispersion control. The(More)
Ferroelectric domain inversion has been demonstrated in BaMgF(4) . Transparency has been measured to <140nm, and no change in transmission was measured under 157-nm irradiation for >1.1x10(9) shots at 2mJ/cm(2) per pulse. First-order quasi-phase-matched generation of 157 nm is predicted by use of grating periods as long as 1.5mum. This material should(More)
Efficient high-power (900-mW) TEM(00) cw operation of a Cr:LiSrGaF laser pumped by a Kr(+) laser is demonstrated. The results of laser and spectroscopic analysis, including upconversion and excited-state absorption, are presented and used for the optimization of this laser. Kr(+)-laser-pumped mode-locked femtosecond operation (64 fs) was performed. Use of a(More)
Mode-mismatched thermal lens (TL) measurements in Cr3+-doped fluoride crystals (LiSrAIF6 and LiSrGaF6) are reported. A nonlinear increase of the TL signal, and decrease of quantum efficiency, with increasing excitation power was observed and attributed to energy-transfer upconversion (ETU). Assuming an upconversion rate that is proportional to the(More)
Laser operation at 2.8 microm in BaY(2)F(8) with erbium concentrations of 7.5% and 20% is investigated under laser-diode pumping at 967 nm. Output powers as high as 250 mW and slope efficiencies as high as 24% are obtained. Results are comparable with those of Er(3+):LiYF(4) under the same pump conditions. Slope efficiencies above 30% are predicted for(More)
Broadly tunable laser operation has been obtained at room temperature from the vibronic bands of single-crystal BeAl(2)O(4):Cr(3+) under Xe-flashlamp excitation. Continuous tuning is obtained from 701 to 794 nm, with maximum power at 750 nm. Long-pulse operation employing 6.3-mm x 76-mm rods easily provides 500 mJ in 200-microsec bursts, whereas 70-mJ,(More)
The properties of Yb, Tm:KY3F1o, a cubic fluoride crystal, are described that make it attractive as the blue emitter in two-dimensional photonic displays. Its peak excitation wavelength for blue upconversion emission is 974.7 nm, where efficient diode laser pump sources are available. The maximum upconversion efficiency measured thus far is 4.4%.
We have demonstrated stable and self-sustaining Kerr-lens mode locking of a Cr:LiSGAF laser pumped by AlGaInP laser diodes. A hard aperture near one end of the laser provides the necessary amplitude modulation. This allsolid- state system generates transform-limited 100-fs pulses, tunable from 810 to 860 nm. The average power at 830 nm is 35 mW, with(More)