Hans Ouwersloot

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This paper addresses decision problems with ordinal data (weights, criterion scores). A random sampling approach is proposed to generate quantitative values which are consistent with the underlying ordinal information. An attractive feature of the approach is that it is applicable with mixed (quantitative/ordinal) data. Another feature is that the approach(More)
This paper presents a new approach to the analysis of spatial sustainability, with a particular view on agriculture. After a methodological introduction, a new tool the socalled Flag model is introduced in order to assess the degree of sustainability of various policy alternatives. The model is tested by means of a case study for the island of Lesvos,(More)
Regions vary strongly according to the participation of firms in R&D activity. By linking data on R&D activity at the firm level with GIS-based data on economic and other location features of regions, we are able to investigate the impact of local factors on R&D involvement for various types of firms. The relative importance of local factors as determinants(More)
We study the influence of the large-scale atmospheric contribution to the dynamics of the convective boundary layer (CBL) in a situation observed during the Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence (BLLAST) field campaign. We employ two modeling approaches, the mixed-layer theory and large-eddy simulation (LES), with a complete data set of(More)
The effect of telematics technology on public transport use is analyzed on the basis of a theoretical model. Two possible mechanisms (reduction of uncertainty and a better choice of bus options, based on a general cost-minimization assumption) that may stimulate bus use are distinguished. The model is empirically tested by using microdata from the(More)
"This paper is addressed to intraregional income inequalities in the Netherlands. Various concepts are used to measure the degree of regional poverty. In addition, dissimilarity between intraregional income distributions is studied. At the provincial level, relatively small and decreasing dissimilarities are observed. However, at lower spatial levels(More)
Current trends in transport indicate that the system is moving away from sustainability and that major changes are necessary to make the transport system more compatible with environmental sustainability. Main problems may occur in urban transport, where not many promising solutions are expected, while the problems are severe. In view of the great number of(More)