Hans O. Karlsson

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OBJECTIVE Seizures with an aura of a "sensed presence," a religious emotion, or feelings of euphoria (ecstatic seizures) are characterized by heightened self-awareness. A previous case report on a patient with epilepsy and "sensed presence" as an aura described hypoperfusion in both temporal lobes and a local ictal increase in the left frontoparietal area.(More)
We use a posteriori error estimation theory to derive a relation between local and global error in the propagation for the time-dependent Schrödinger equation. Based on this result, we design a class of h, p-adaptive Magnus–Lanczos propagators capable of controlling the global error of the time-stepping scheme by only solving the equation once. We provide(More)
To determine the reliability and validity of a previously identified "suicide cluster" in the Percept-genetic Object-Relation Test (PORT), which test documents subliminal perception of object-relation pictures, 20 suicide attempters and 70 controls were investigated. The correspondence between scores assigned by two judges was 95%-100%. The suicide-cluster(More)
We consider an optimal control problem for the time-dependent Schrödinger equation modeling molecular dynamics. Given a molecule in its ground state, the interaction with a tuned laser pulse can result in an excitation to a state of interest. By these means, one can optimize the yield of chemical reactions. The problem of designing an optimal laser pulse(More)
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