Hans Nicolai

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Using primer extension and 5' RACE, we have mapped the 5' end of the BRCA1 gene and identified a new 5' exon. Two distinct BRCA1 transcripts differing by the first exons were found; these transcripts were generated by the alternative use of dual promoters and alternative splicing. The expression of the distinct transcripts was examined in four primary(More)
To study the regulation of BRCA1 gene expression and the potential importance of dysregulation of this gene in breast and ovarian cancer, we have examined the 5' region of the human BRCA1 gene in detail. We have identified a new gene, NBR2, which is partially related to the NBR1 gene (formerly known as 1A1-3B and mapping directly adjacent to the(More)
A novel cDNA clone was isolated using a polyclonal serum directed against partially purified ovarian carcinoma antigen CA125. The deduced peptide sequence lacked membrane protein characteristics expected for CA125 but encompassed a B-box/coiled coil motif present in many genes with transformation potential. The gene was mapped by fluorescence in situ(More)
Single-cell suspensions of the prostate carcinoma cell line PCA were exposed to electromagnetically generated ultrasound shock waves (source and focusing lens identical to those used in the commercially available lithotripor Lithostar Plus). Cell loss of up to 40% occurred in sample tubes containing air. To expose multicellular tumor spheroids and cells(More)
We report on the complete primary translated sequence of human alpha 1(X) collagen, deduced from a genomic clone, and the chromosomal localization of the human collagen X gene. The primary translated product of human collagen X is encoded by two exons of 169 bp and approx. 2940 bp. The 169 bp exon encodes 15 bp of 5'-end untranslated sequence, 18 amino acid(More)
To begin to address the hypothesis that abnormal regulation of the breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility gene BRCA1 is a critical step in sporadic breast/ovarian tumorigenesis, we have determined the detailed structure of the BRCA1 genomic region. We show that this region of the genome contains a tandem duplication of approximately 30 kilobases, which(More)
BRCA1 is a tumour suppressor gene located on chromosome band 17q21. It is estimated that mutations in the BRCA1 gene account for approximately 45% of the breast cancer families and almost all of the breast/ovarian cancer families. We have used single strand conformation polymorphism analysis, direct sequencing, allele specific oligonucleotide hybridisation,(More)
BRCA1 is a breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility gene on human chromosome 17q21. We describe a complete and detailed physical map of a 500-kb region of genomic DNA containing the BRCA1 gene and the partial cloning in phage P1 artificial chromosomes. Approximately 70 exons were isolated from this region, 11 of which were components of the BRCA1 gene. Analysis(More)
We have produced a detailed physical and transcriptional map of a 400 kb region within the narrowest flanking markers known to contain the hereditary breast and ovarian susceptibility gene, BRCA1. The approach described here has avoided the problems of chimaerism, instability and rearrangements commonly observed in yeast artificial chromosomes by converting(More)