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The objective of the present study was to monitor the occurrence and distribution of a spectrum of trichothecene toxins in different parts of maize plants. Therefore maize plants were sampled randomly from 13 fields in southwest Germany and the fractions kernels, cobs, husks, stalks, leaves and rudimentary ears were analyzed for eight A-type and five B-type(More)
The binding and effects of tetanus and botulinum A neurotoxins were studied on mouse spinal cord cultures treated with neuraminidase. In untreated cultures both neurotoxins blocked synaptic transmission. Treatment of the cell cultures with neuraminidase, 25 mU/ml for 24 hr, decreased the potency of botulinum A neurotoxin. At 7 X 10(-11) M no toxin effect on(More)
Autoclaved oats were inoculated with a strain of Fusarium sporotrichioides or Fusarium poae. Moisture content of oats after inoculation was at 38%, incubation took place in standing culture at 28 °C. The A-type trichothecenes, 4,15-diacetoxyscirpenol (4,15-DAS), 15-monoacetoxyscirpenol (15-MAS), and scirpentriol (SCIRP) were analyzed by GC/MS. For each(More)
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