Hans Marten Paulsen

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In contrast to protein antigens, processing of glycoproteins by dendritic cells (DCs) for presentation to T cells has not been well studied. We developed mouse T cell hybridomas to study processing and presentation of the tumor antigen MUC1 as a model glycoprotein. MUC1 is expressed on the surface as well as secreted by human adenocarcinomas. Circulating(More)
The cell membrane mucin MUC1 is over-expressed and aberrantly glycosylated in many cancers, and cancer-associated MUC1 glycoforms represent potential targets for immunodiagnostic and therapeutic measures. We have recently shown that MUC1 with GalNAcalpha1-O-Ser/Thr (Tn) and NeuAcalpha2-6GalNAcalpha1-O-Ser/Thr (STn) O-glycosylation is a cancer-specific(More)
Mucin glycoproteins on breast cancer cells carry shortened carbohydrate chains. These partially deglycosylated mucin 1 (MUC-1) structures are recognized by the monoclonal antibody SM3, which is being tested for its diagnostic utility. We used NMR spectroscopy to analyze the binding mode and the binding epitope of peptide and glycopeptide antigens to the SM3(More)
Feed and manure composition and qualities in an organic and conventional dairy farm network in Germany (22 farm pairs) were analysed. Related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from enteric fermentation and from animal excretions were calculated by using two methods each. Feeding and feedstuff quality were farm specific. On average, organic dairy cows received(More)
Grassland agriculture plays an important role for livestock production and land management throughout the world. It is challenging to estimate the available feed on pasture plots. For this study, a rising plate meter was calibrated in swards of the organic experimental station of Trenthorst in northern Germany to calculate grazing intake of cattle and to(More)
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