Hans Marmolin

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Pattern languages are representations that have been used in architecture and urban designer about twenty years. They J~cus on the interaction between physical j@m and social behavior, and express design solutions in an understandable and generalizable j@m. But pattern languages are not simptv set of patterns intended to be universally applied; instead,(More)
This paper outlines a Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) system for primary care and presents from its participatory design process time consumption, costs, and experiences. The system integrates a hypermedia environment, a computerized patient record, and an electronicmessage system. It is developed to coordinate organizational learning in primary(More)
The Swedish MultiG program addresses research issues in distributed multimedia workstation applications, including CSCW, and high-speed networks. This report treats some basic CSCW issues in a distributed design environment. We review and analyse relevant literature on system design and computer supported cooperation and discusses the basic issues: What is(More)
The Collaborative Desktop, CoDesk, consists of a set of generic tools for CSCW, Computer Supported Cooperative Work. The Collaborative Desktop is an attempt to make collaboration a natural part of the daily use of a computer. Our way to achieve this is to put the user in the center of the computing in a similar way that applications and documents are(More)
The mmn purpose of’ the e\ aluatton studies IS to make user~ the focus }n an !Ierat]l e dcslgn process b} collecting and synthcslslng lnforrnatlon about users needs and capabillhes. To obtart this goal the studies are dit lded Into sc\ era] d] f’ferenl phases, concem]ng wu-fltlonal (o multimodal computer supported collaboraliorr, using methods such LS(More)
In order to support continuous development of the services in a patient-centered primary care organization, a Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) system has been developed. The system structures and supports organizational learning as a daily activity in parallel to clinical work. It is based on coordinated small-group activities in which strategic(More)