Hans M. M. Groenewoud

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BACKGROUND Chronic pain is a severe complication of mesh-based inguinal hernia repair. Its perceived risk varies widely in the literature. The current objectives are to review the incidence, severity, and consequences of chronic pain and its etiologies. DATA SOURCES A multi-database systematic search was conducted for prospective trials on mesh-based(More)
BACKGROUND Parastomal hernias are a frequent complication of enterostomies that require surgical treatment in approximately half of patients. This systematic review aimed to evaluate and compare the safety and effectiveness of the surgical techniques available for parastomal hernia repair. METHODS Systematic review was performed in accordance with PRISMA.(More)
To determine the associations of fecundity and childlessness with month of conception and to find a causal mechanism for these associations, we reanalyzed some of our previous data according to the predictions of the seasonal optimal ripening oocyte (SOptRO) and seasonal preovulatory over-ripeness ovopathy (SPrOO) hypotheses. Prime and minor SOptRO months(More)
Intra-abdominal abscesses are a potential source of recurrent or residual infection after surgical intervention for secondary peritonitis. The development of therapies requires a model which combines low mortality with the formation of persisting abscesses and which is also suitable to study the local inflammatory response. Male Wistar rats were injected(More)
BACKGROUND To obtain evidence for the clinical and cost-effectiveness of treatments for patients with rare diseases is a challenge. Non-dystrophic myotonia (NDM) is a group of inherited, rare muscle diseases characterized by muscle stiffness. The reimbursement of mexiletine, the expert opinion drug for NDM, has been discontinued in some countries due to a(More)
STUDY QUESTION What are patients and insurers willing to pay for different aspects of fertility care, with a particular focus on patient-centredness? SUMMARY ANSWER In fertility care, both patients and health insurers place a high value on patient-centred factors, also when taking into account the effectiveness of fertility care. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY?:(More)
OBJECTIVES Among runners the reported prevalence of exercise-induced gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms is high (25%-83%). We aimed to investigate the prevalence of GI symptoms in women during a 5-10 km run in general and to explore the association between nutritional intakes and GI symptoms. SETTING As part of the Marikenloop-study (a cohort study to(More)
OBJECTIVE The Neck Disability Index (NDI) is a patient self-assessed outcome measurement tool to assess disability, and that is frequently used to evaluate the effects of the treatment of neck-related problems. In individualized medicine it is mandatory that patients can interpret data in order to choose a treatment. A change of NDI or an absolute NDI is(More)
OBJECTIVE Although there is increasing recognition of the importance of cervical spinal sagittal balance, there is a lack of consensus as to the optimal method to accurately assess the cervical sagittal alignment. Cervical alignment is important for surgical decision making. Sagittal balance of the cervical spine is generally assessed using one of two(More)