Hans-Lukas Teuber

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This paper records a recurrent perplexity and a recent attempt at its resolution. Let me begin with the perplexity. Man_s frontal lobes have always presented problems that seemed to exceed those encountered in studying other regions of his brain. In striving to give a functional interpretation of anatomic pattern, we have therefore tended, in our(More)
Mirror movements are normal in childhood and may persist to a later age following early brain lesions. We studied these movements in patients with childhood hemiparesis at different ages. The earlier the lesions, the more the mirror movements persisted. More mirror movement persisted in the nonparetic hand than in the paretic one. Complete paralysis of(More)
Late after-effects of cerebral trauma are difficult to study because patients tend to be seen for persisting symptoms, and not simply for their lesions. We have tried to avoid this bias by recalling periodically, over the years, 520 men with known brain injuries incurred in World War II or in Korea or Vietnam. These men are seen irrespective of clinical(More)
In attempting to summarize recent work on functions of granular prefrontal cortex in primates, including man, and possible homologues of these structures in rodents and carnivores, four question need to be asked, the questions of 'where', 'when', 'what' and 'how'. Progress since the Pennsylvania Symposium has been considerable for questions of 'where' and(More)