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Breast cancer patients with the same stage of disease can have markedly different treatment responses and overall outcome. The strongest predictors for metastases (for example, lymph node status and histological grade) fail to classify accurately breast tumours according to their clinical behaviour. Chemotherapy or hormonal therapy reduces the risk of(More)
Disseminated breast tumour cells in sentinel lymph nodes (SNs) were evaluated by quantitative real-time PCR and the sensitivity of this assay was compared to the routine histological analysis. First, several candidate marker genes were tested for their specificity in axillary lymph nodes (ALN) of 50 breast cancer patients and 43 women without breast cancer.(More)
The classification of cancer based on gene expression data is the advancements in DNA Microarray technology and genome sequencing. The important feature is to predict the genes for various diagnosis purposes using such micro-array gene expression dataset and also the gene expressions that are relevant to a particular type of genes. Lot of research works(More)
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