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The passive electrotonic parameters of nerve cells in the dentate gyrus of the rat were studied in vitro. Intracellular recordings from 30 granule cells and 3 pyramidal basket cells followed by intracellular injection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP), allowed calculations of input resistance (RN), membrane time constant (tau m), electrotonic length (L),(More)
The effect of auditory signal delay on audio-visual perception of videotaped sentence lists by Ss with normal hearing was measured. The test material consisted of sentences read by a man, with or without a picture representing as context one of the key words in each sentence. In Exper. I, 12 Ss (6M, 6F), inexperienced with lipreading, were presented test(More)
We investigated whether pitch-synchronous neural activity could be recorded in humans, with a natural vowel and a vowel in which the fundamental frequency was suppressed. Small variations of speech periodicity were detected in the evoked responses using a fine structure spectrograph (FSS). A significant response (P < 0.001) was measured in all seven normal(More)
Experiments in lateralization were performed to evaluate the relative contribution of onset and phase cues in binaural hearing. A 1-kHz signal was presented with interaural stimulus delays ranging from 0 to 1000 microseconds, corresponding to phase shifts of 0 degree to 360 degrees. For a given value of delay, the leading signal was presented randomly to(More)
A noise exposure survey was performed to assess the risk of hearing loss to school music teachers during the course of their activities. Noise exposure of 18 teachers from 15 schools was measured using noise dosimeters. The equivalent continuous noise level (L(eq)) of each teacher was recorded during single activities (classes) as well as for the entire(More)
A technique for estimating the nonparametric bone conduction transfer function using distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs) is presented. Individual transfer functions were obtained using DPOAEs recorded from a single ear of five normal-hearing adults. Repeatability of the technique was investigated by performing measurements on at least three(More)
Experiments in lateralization were performed to evaluate the relative contribution of envelope and phase cues in binaural hearing with particular reference to the effects of frequency, amplitude, shape of rise/decay, and duration of peak amplitude. Pure-tone signals were presented with interaural phase shifts ranging between 90 degrees and 360 degrees. For(More)
A filterbank-based algorithm for time-varying spectral analysis is proposed. The algorithm, which is an enhanced realization of the conventional spectrogram, consists of hundreds or thousands of highly overlapping wideband filter/detector stages, followed by a peak detector that probes the filter/detector outputs at very short time intervals. Analysis with(More)
Lipreading provides a limited amount of information about speech signals to profoundly deaf people. Visual displays using peripheral vision as an alternative sensory modality can provide supplementary speech information. The utility of a cosmetically acceptable peripheral vision display was explored. A pair of eyeglasses with a commercially available(More)