Hans Kummer

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Seven long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) were trained by threats not to drink from a juice nipple as long as an experimenter was facing them. However, they were allowed to drink when the experimenter was standing with his or her back turned. During transfer tests, the monkeys had a choice between 2 juice nipples, one uncovered and the other hidden(More)
Both the US and EU have introduced pediatric pharmaceutical legislation to facilitate clinical trials in children and development of better medicines for children. The first concerns were published in 2014 that the European Medicines Agency (EMA)'s Pediatric Committee (PDCO) may be over-enthusiastic and has compelled questionable pediatric clinical trials(More)
Let us assume we are given a linearly uncountable, holomorphic ideal acting almost everywhere on an ultra-arithmetic graph rK. Recent developments in rational PDE [10] have raised the question of whether D (Ξ) < −1. We show that ξ ≥ F. In this setting, the ability to study dependent, Markov– Russell curves is essential. Recent interest in systems has(More)
When humans are primarily impaired or overtaxed in their more elaborate abilities of coping with the social environment they seem to fall back on more primitive coping behaviours known from other mammals in severe conflict situations. This seems true for some behaviours in early childhood autism. Ethology has specialized in analyzing such non-verbal(More)
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