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The nucleotide sequence of the faeD gene of Escherichia coli and the amino acid sequence of its product is presented. The faeD product is an outer membrane protein required for transport of K88ab fimbrial subunits across the outer membrane. The protein is synthesized as a precursor containing a signal peptide, and the tentative mature protein comprises 777(More)
Discrete element model is used to simulate the flow of liquid-granule mixtures in an inclined channel containing a linear contraction. All the relevant particle/particle and particle/fluid interactions are included in the numerical model. The presence of the contraction induces different steady morphologies of the solid phase or the mixture depending on(More)
The effect of gas permeation through horizontally immersed membrane tubes on the heat transfer characteristics in a membrane assisted fluidized bed operated in the bubbling fluidization regime was investigated experimentally. Local time-averaged heat transfer coefficients from copper tubes arranged in a staggered formation with the membrane tubes to the(More)
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