Hans Kuipers

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Porous materials of a high-molecular-weight 50/50 copolymer of L-lactide and epsilon-caprolactone with different compression moduli were used for meniscal repair. In contrast to the previously used 4,4'-diphenylmethane and 1,4-trans-cyclohexane diisocyanates containing polyurethanes, degradation products of the copolymer are non-toxic. Two series of porous(More)
Very fine sand is prepared in a well-defined and fully decompactified state by letting gas bubble through it. After turning off the gas stream, a steel ball is dropped on the sand. On impact of the ball, sand is blown away in all directions ("splash") and an impact crater forms. When this cavity collapses, a granular jet emerges and is driven straight into(More)
The production of pigs transgenic for human decay accelerating factor (hDAF) as potential donors for clinical organ xenotransplantation was reported several years ago. For this purpose it is required that high levels of hDAF are expressed at relevant sites in transplantable organs. Currently, homozygous lines have been produced as well as lines from crosses(More)
Research on the use of computers for educational purposes received a short period of attention in the early days of Artiicial Intelligence. The disappointing results due to the technical diiculties of creating practical CALL applications however, led to a silent period, until the level of technology had developed to a stage where linguistic tools started to(More)
The effect of gas permeation through horizontally immersed membrane tubes on the heat transfer characteristics in a membrane assisted fluidized bed operated in the bubbling fluidization regime was investigated experimentally. Local time-averaged heat transfer coefficients from copper tubes arranged in a staggered formation with the membrane tubes to the(More)
Discrete element model is used to simulate the flow of liquid-granule mixtures in an inclined channel containing a linear contraction. All the relevant particle/particle and particle/fluid interactions are included in the numerical model. The presence of the contraction induces different steady morphologies of the solid phase or the mixture depending on(More)
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