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An optimized coupled test system for glutathione peroxidase in red blood cells is presented. In the improved assay, tert. butyl hydro-peroxide was employed as an acceptor substrate at twenty times K m (app) concentration. By aid of a batching procedure for instant separation of hemoglobin from glutathione peroxidase, it could be proved that(More)
Policy decisions to ratify recent climate policy agreements, as the Kyoto Protocol , rely on quantitative impact assessments, which are primarily based on applied economic modelling concepts. A crucial decision factor for politicians are the economic compliance costs of implementing binding emissions reduction targets. The Energy Modeling Forum (EMF)(More)
The validation procedure for the process control system of a plant for the large scale production of human albumin from plasma fractions is described. A validation master plan is developed, defining the system and elements to be validated, the interfaces with other systems with the validation limits, a general validation concept and supporting(More)
A detailed experimental and simulation study of the extraction of a 24 keV He(+) beam from an ECR ion source and the subsequent beam transport through an analyzing magnet is presented. We find that such a slow ion beam is very sensitive to space-charge forces, but also that the neutralization of the beam's space charge by secondary electrons is virtually(More)
Intense heavy ion beam production with electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion sources is a common requirement for many of the accelerators under construction in Europe and elsewhere. An average increase of about one order of magnitude per decade in the performance of ECR ion sources was obtained up to now since the time of pioneering experiment of R. Geller(More)
The rejection of the United States to verify the Kyoto Protocol has focussed some attention on the contribution of the developing countries in mitigating the consequences of climate change on the economy. While the USA insisted on an important role for the developing countries, for example by voluntarily accepting an emission target in 2012, the developing(More)