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Endotoxemia in dogs was induced by a slow intravenous infusion of E. coli endotoxin for 2 h. Thereby, a significant decrease was observed in the plasma levels of several clotting, fibrinolysis and complement factors. The changes were studied over an experimental period of 14 h and checked for statistical significance by three-way analysis of variance.(More)
FUNDAMENTALS Assuring the quality of medical care is a self-imposed obligation on the part of the profession and, at the same time, a legal obligation. MAIN TOPICS On the way to implementing this requirement, the following points must be taken into account: the measurability of the quality of medical care, establishment of the quality of structure,(More)
Children born with very low birth weight (VLBW) are at risk of impaired growth. We aimed to study VLBW survivors (90.8%) born in 1998/1999 in the state of Baden-Württemberg (n = 2103) for whom growth data were available up to age six. Classification as appropriate for gestational age (AGA) or small for gestational age (SGA) depended on size at birth. Models(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the present study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy in detecting high-grade coronary stenoses in patients with known coronary artery disease (CAD) using multidetector computed tomography (MDCT). BACKGROUND The MDCT systems with electrocardiographic (ECG)-gating permit visualization of the coronary arteries. However, severe(More)
In a randomized clinical trial the prophylactic effects of locally administered antimicrobials on quantitative colonization and respiratory infections were studied in intubated patients with an expected period of mechanical ventilation of greater than 6 days. Nineteen patients received 50 mg of polymyxin B and 80 mg of gentamicin distributed among nose,(More)
BACKGROUND The homogeneity of the schemes for follow-up care after curative surgical treatment of early breast cancer is still a matter of debate in Germany. We investigated whether symptom-oriented follow-up is equivalent in terms of survival rates to conventional surveillance based on scheduled tests. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospective,(More)
In this paper we compare Multi-Layer Perceptrons (a neural network type) with Multivariate Linear Regression in predicting birthweight from nine perinatal variables which are thought to be related. Results show, that seven of the nine variables, i.e., gestational age, mother's body-mass index (BMI), sex of the baby, mother's height, smoking, parity and(More)
The society of physicians of Germany and the society of panel physicians laid down in the "assessment criteria for guidelines in medical care" what kind of demands the medical selfadministration makes on guidelines. This measure also had the goal to support and strengthen the efforts of the AWMF for guidelines of high value. On the basis of these assessment(More)